ЕК стартира нов търг за ИТС и управление на трафика

25 Ноември 2015

The European Commission has launched a new tender seeking to find integrated intelligent transport systems to manage European traffic. The tender aims to contribute to the development of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), which make use of information and communication technologies that allow vehicles to be connected to others, road transport infrastructure and other road users. The chief tasks include the identification and implementation of C-ITS in two urban demonstration sites. This will include vehicle-to-vehicle communication as well as vehicle-to-infrastructure. Specific areas that should be covered by the demonstrations include road safety, traffic congestion, fuel consumption and emissions, and efficiency in freight operations. The total financial offer is 1.3 million euro, and the tendering organisations should take up to 24 months to complete their activities. The deadline for submission of bids is 20 January 2016.




Източник:  Eltis

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