Singapore LTA пуска пилотно смарт система за безконтактно таксуване на пътниците

15 Март 2016

Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced plans to trial an account-based contactless smart ticketing system.

Singapore LTA will pilot and evaluate the possibility of introducing an account-based contactless ticketing system at the end of this year, to assess the feasibility of implementing such a system.

The planned account-based ticketing system will enable commuters to use contactless debit or credit cards for fare payments without the need for upfront top-ups. Similar to post-paid mobile phone subscriptions or utility bills, transactions will be processed and charged to the commuter in subsequent credit or debit card bills. Commuters will benefit from having an additional fare payment option, removing the need for top up fare cards.
Commuters can look forward to having more choices for fare payment without the hassle of topping up their fare cards.

LTA Chief Executive, Mr Chew Men Leong, said: LTA has always been exploring new and innovative payment systems as technology advances to provide more convenience to commuters. Should the Account-based Ticketing pilot be successful, Singapore would be one of the few cities in the world to adopt this fare payment system. Commuters can look forward to having more choices for fare payment without the hassle of topping up their fare cards.
LTA launch feasibility study call for tender for contactless smart ticketing

In preparation for the smart ticketing pilot scheme, the LTA has launched a call for tender to appoint a consultancy to study the feasibility of implementing Account-based Ticketing on a broader scale in future. This consultancy study is expected to commence in the second quarter of this year.

In addition, the LTA will be calling a tender to appoint a bank which will acquire fare payments made through contactless credit/debit cards.

Източник: Eurotransport

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